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tumblingmore's Journal

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  • tumblingmore@livejournal.com
Journal the Second of Sasha's Miscellaneous Characters, via www.rmimagic.com

Currently writing here:
- Ruben Lundqvist a.k.a. "Rock-Puncher", Durmstrang transfer, class of T27, Aquila
- Russell Drew a.k.a. "That dude with a mouse in his pocket [and no that's not a euphemism]", homeschooled transfer, class of T28, Cetus
- Mikael Anselm Lundqvist a.k.a. "why does he have so many names", class of T33, Draco

Futurely writing here:
- Joseph Blair
- Paige Blair

привіт! Hello! Anyone from RMI interested in plotting/cowrites, feel free to message me through here or my other RP accounts (tumblingsky, kovalchuks). Always love a good project with you lot <3

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